Aqueous Consoles

Aqueous Consoles

Aqueous Ultrasonic Clean/Rinse/Dry Self-Contained Console Systems

Sonicor “CPS” series consoles offer a complete parts cleaning process line, housed in a rugged, all stainless cabinet/countertop assembly. Standard consoles are available in either three stage CPS3, (ultrasonic clean/rinse/dry), or four stage CPS4,(ultrasonic clean/rinse/rinse/dry) models.

All CPS series consoles are equipped with the following standard features:

  • Sonicor “BandScanner” sweep frequency ultrasonics
  • Spray-over immersion on rinse tanks
  • Two stage counter flowing rinse (CPS4 only)
  • Auto-reset cycle timers on ultrasonics & dryer
  • Stainless drip diverters between process tanks
  • Single point electrical supply connection
  • Low level protection for all heaters & ultrasonics
  • Stainless, front access fill & drain valves
  • All Stainless cabinet, countertop, tanks & supply plumbing
  • Adjustable overflow on rinse tanks
  • Filter system on stage 1 ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • Digital temperature controls on all process tanks
  • Stainless lift-off cover on dryer
  • Single point drain plumbing connection
  • CPVC drain plumbing

CPS series consoles are available in four tank size configurations.

Sonicor Parts Baskets

Sonicor stainless parts baskets are specially designed for maximized cleaning efficiency and productivity in the Sonicor “CPS” process line. Our standard baskets are available in two pickup configurations. The “BP” series parts baskets are designed for ease of handling with a manually operated system. The “BA” series baskets are designed for use with “CPS” consoles operated with the Sonicor “RCT” series, automation/process control system. When ordering parts baskets for an automated system, a three stage system will require five (5) parts baskets, and a four stage system will require six (6) parts baskets, to maximize the productivity of the RCT automation/process control system.

Sonicor Basket Selector


Sonicor 2412 Hospital Console set – to Wash, Rinse & Dry

Sonicor 2412 Hospital Console set – to Wash, Rinse & Dry instruments in the surgical suite.

Sonicor Ultrasonic Cleaning Consoles offer an attractive, space-saving alternative to industrial parts cleaning systems, in installations like hospitals and laboratories, where equipment appearance and cleanability are an important concern. With polished stainless cabinetry, ergonomic operator control panels, and a wide range of features and options, these self-contained systems offer the rugged reliability and performance that has made Sonicor the preferred ultrasonic cleaning consoles in hospitals, laboratories and clean room facilities, for over forty years

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty all stainless construction with easy-access maintenance panels
  • Drop-in tanks, fabricated with no corner welds
  • Seamless stainless countertop
  • Overflow protection plumbed to waste
  • Sonicor “BandScanner” series, sweep frequency ultrasonic generator
  • Sonicor high-efficiency piezoelectric transducers
  • Low liquid level protection for ultrasonics, pumps and heaters
  • CPVC waste plumbing, with single-point drain connection
  • Single point electrical supply connection with over-current protection
  • Thermal insulation on heated models
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Ergonomic operator control panels
Sonicor Wash, Rinse/Dry console with hydro-air power spray. A standard on Naval Vessels.

Sonicor Wash, Rinse/Dry console with hydro-air power spray. A standard on Naval Vessels.

Options & Accessories

  • Cycle Timers
  • Parts Baskets
  • Filter Systems
  • Auto-Fill Controls
  • Tank Covers
  • Automated Parts Handling Systems
  • Multiple Ultrasonic Operating Frequencies
  • Heater Systems
  • Handling Fixtures
  • Oil Separators
  • Automatic Drains
  • PLC Control Systems
Mobile Consoles

Mobile Consoles that can be moved around the shop for equipment maintenance, are ideal for pharmaceutical plants and printing shops.

Hazardous environment console cleaning system.

For applications that require low-flashpoint solvents, Sonicor offers console cleaning system that are designed for hazardous environments.

Sonicor “CU” series

Sonicor “CU” series – Full featured, economical ultrasonic cleaning consoles are available in a wide range of standard sizes.

Ultrasonic Cabinet Configurations

Sonicor offers cabinet configurations and automation systems for every precision cleaning application.