Ultrasonic Cleaner

Since 1950, the ultrasonic cleaner industry has grown exponentially. Now more than ever, these appliances are used in both homes and business. In fact, in many markets and industries, an ultrasonic cleaner is seen as a necessity in a business. For employees, the equipment is easy to use and extremely beneficial for everyday operations.


Sonicor is a proud ultrasonic cleaner company, selling a variety of high quality models to choose from. We’ve served clients all over the world with our products for over 50 years. As a result, we’re sure that you’ll find the best fit for your business’s needs. Our friendly  sales representatives are also ready to speak with you about our large selection. Many of our models are compact and small for your convenience, so they can easily fit into your existing interior design. Moreover, they’re created with ease of use in mind. Most of our ultrasonic cleaner models require very little maintenance as well, so your business won’t be put on hold.


ultrasonic cleanerEvery unit we sell has all the parts necessary to function and give you the best deep clean. This includes the tank, transducers, and a generator. Sonicor only ensures that the highest quality components are used in our ultrasonic cleaner models. In addition, they’re covered under our limited warranty. For your convenience, we also offer a wide variety of detergents and cleaners to perfectly suit any object you’re looking to clean. Just a few of these are solutions created for copper, surgical tools, jewelry, and more.


An ultrasonic cleaner is required when you have small or intricate parts that need to be cleaned. This also goes for equipment that can be easily damaged or become rusty. The cleaning process used ensures an efficient, deep clean without the use of chemicals that could ultimately affect the condition of the object. Should your business deal with objects like jewelry, tools, and industrial equipment on a regular basis, an ultrasonic cleaner is a must-have.


We value customer satisfaction as our number one priority. That’s why we always have strict quality control on all of our products and only make them right in the USA. We take each step of this process seriously and meticulously examine each component of all of our equipment. Our systems go beyond the industry’s requirements for a cleaner, while meeting the demands of your business. Not only that, but we want you to be happy with your new model for years to come. Whether you need a cleaner for your home or business, you’ll know that you can count on it when you need it most.


All of our ultrasonic cleaner models are eco-friendly as well. Our company realizes that we not only have a responsibility to you as our customer, but also to our employees and surrounding environment. We take the extra precautions to ensure that our models are completely safe, both in production and while in use. If you need to decide on a reliable cleaner, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sonicor today! You can speak with a representative at 631-920-6555. We’ll help you decide on the model that’s right for your needs, so your business can enjoy higher productivity.