Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning: The Basics


As industrial technology evolves and the need for more effective parts cleaning and sanitation continues to grow, ultrasonic cleaning systems have become more commonplace in different industries. Various industries (such as industrial, medical, dental, automotive, etc.) have adopted ultrasonic cleaning as their main process for sanitizing delicate or hard to clean parts.


Ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to introduce mechanical energy into a precision cleaning process, allowing the use of a less aggressive cleaning chemical. Ultrasonics power can be easily integrated into almost any aqueous cleaning application or system.


Ultrasonic cleaning systems combine the power of ultrasound (sonic wave) and cleaning solution to wash and sanitize delicate or tough-to-clean parts. The size of your cleaning system can vary depending on your needs. Sometimes a small table top cleaner will be sufficient, while for other users, a multi tank industrial system may need to be assembled.


Ultrasonic Cleaning: Developing the Proper Cleaning Procedure


Developing a good procedure recipe is the key to efficient ultra sonic parts cleaning. The components of any effective cleaning process are:


  • Chemistry (fluid)
  • Dwell Time
  • Temperature
  • Mechanical Energy


Since these parameters are related, a change in one can be counteracted by a change in the others. For example, a reduction in the temperature of a cleaning bath can be overcome by using an extended immersion time for cleaning. Sonicor can work with you to help develop the most effective process for your needs.


Typically, an ultrasonic cleaning machine may include the following basic components: cleaning tanks and bath, baskets, transducers, filter and a control panel. Obviously, every model has many additional features, but these are the very basic parts of a unit. In addition, cleaning chemicals or solutions are a necessary part of all ultrasonic cleaning machines. A transducer can also be added to preexisting tanks to turn them into ultrasonic cleaning units.


Sonicor uses environmentally friendly cleaning and degreasing agents, which means if cleaning detergent comes into contact with other surfaces, there should not be damage, bleaching, etc. Cleaning supplies, various basket and tank sizes, automated features and other equipment can be added on to your custom ultrasonic cleaning system.


Some people have tried DIY or homemade ultrasonic cleaning – we strongly advise leaving this to a professional provider, who can supply the service necessary to solve your parts cleaning needs effectively and efficiently.


Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for Jewelry, Eyeglasses, And More


Choosing the right ultrasonic cleaning machine to fit your needs depends on the parts you need to clean. With over 40 years experience, we’ve become experts in helping customers develop the right system to fit their needs – just one of the many services we provide.


Ultrasonic cleaning is a versatile process and can be used for something as delicate as an eyeglass lens or something as bulky and solid as a carburetor.


On the more industrial side, ultrasonic cleaning equipment may be used for:


  • Machine parts or components
  • Tools
  • Metal parts (aluminum, brass, silver, etc.)
  • Medical instruments and devices
  • Dental instrument and tools
  • Automotive parts (a carb, fuel, injector, etc)
  • PCB (printed circuit board or micro chips)


Ultrasonic cleaning can also be used for more personal or small business related items such as:


  • Jewelry cleaning
  • Weapon cleaning (firearm, handgun, shot gun parts)
  • Dentures, teeth or tooth cleaning
  • Window blind cleaning
  • Cleaning of watch or clock parts
  • Glass and lens cleaning
  • Cleaning of hobby items (coin collection, small figurines, etc.)
  • Golf club cleaning
  • Cleaning of a cd or vinyl record


The Experts In Ultrasonic Cleaning


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