Vapor Degreaser

Sonicor makes choosing a vapor degreaser easy for you and your business. For over 50 years, we’ve been providing some of the very best products in the ultrasonic cleaning industry. That’s why we’ve expanded to a worldwide company that’s committed to providing customers with high quality solutions. Just one of the products we offer our clientele is a vapor degreaser, which is an essential piece of equipment for many different industries like aerospace.


A vapor degreaser is used to thoroughly clean the surface of an object; ultimately, the goal of using this equipment is to prepare the object for any other processes that need to be done on it. The way a vapor degreaser works is through using a solvent to break down any contaminants that are found on the surface of the object. This grease will eventually run off of the object, leaving it free of any impurities.


Vapor DegreaserSonicor only uses the latest technology in the industry to develop the most productive vapor degreaser models. They’re compatible for use with our own line of cleaning chemicals, as well as with other brands. However, our solutions are carefully crafted for a number of specific industries and products. They’re also designed to enhance any kind of cleaning process. The professionals at Sonicor would be more than happy to help you determine what type of solution is best for your equipment, as well as the objects you’re cleaning.


Choosing a Vapor Degreaser

When you choose a vapor degreaser by Sonicor, you can rest easy knowing that you decided on the right choice. That’s because all of our vapor degreaser products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure the very best performance. Moreover, our vapor degreaser models have been created with environmentally friendly materials and methods. It’s our responsibility to do this for you, our employees, and our planet. That’s why our products aren’t fabricated with harmful chemicals. Whatever vapor degreaser you decide on, your business will be able to depend on it with no issues.


To meet all of our customers’ needs for a vapor degreaser, Sonicor has developed our own very own “D” series. It’s gained popularity with customers across the world who are looking for a reliable vapor degreaser. It utilizes the ultrasonic capabilities you’d expect, with modern emissions control and safety precautions in place. Most importantly, this appliance is thoroughly designed to not only operate efficiently, but also effectively handle a wide range of degreasing solvents that are available. Our equipment meets the industry’s standards for a vapor degreaser, which means that you and your employees will be able to safely use it with no issues. In fact, all of our products are created with ease of use in mind.


Vapor degreaser from Sonicor. We cover all your degreasing needs. Get in touch with us now at 631-920-6555. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your options for a vapor degreaser with you. We’re a leading company that specializes in more than just ordinary ultrasonic cleaners. We also carry a line of large ultrasonic cleaner. Our professionals are passionate about how our products make a difference in every industry, so we’re ready to guide you in making the right financial investment for your company.